SCIN Field Trials

SCIN and Shell

Shell’s focus on technologies that ‘drive cost-reduction of existing business’ led them to partner with Oceanit under Shell’s GameChanger program and “Continuous Innovation” initiative beginning in 2015.

In collaboration with Shell, Oceanit developed SCIN for use in sevenĀ deepwater and unconventional environments. The focus was on internal steel-cement bond strength as well as treatment on the outside of pipes to facilitate better acoustic signal clarity for bond logging.

SCIN was deployed to the field in 2016 after many promising results in lab and onshore tests.

Beginning in 2015, Oceanit conducted four months of lab proof of concept work before initiating a rapid scale-up for onshore field testing. Tubular treatment infrastructure was built in Pennsylvania to prepare steel pipes for onshore field testing. SCIN-treated pipes exceeded industry standard and performance requirements.

Oceanit then scaled production for offshore testing at Shell’s Gasmer Prototype Facility in Houston, Texas. Over 6000 feet of SCIN-treated tubulars were prepared in a little over one month, with production capacity of up to 5000 ft/month.

SCIN-treated pipes were successfully deployed in both Appalachia and the Gulf of Mexico within 15 months of the partnership being struck – twice as fast as most in-house developments and at a much lower cost to Shell.

SCIN Product Sheet