Perhydra Coatings

Perhydra Hydrophilic Coating

SCIN is a variant of Oceanit’s Perhydra hydrophilic coatings. Perhydra is specifically developed to make metal surfaces extremely hydrophilic, improving the spread of water-based coatings and slurries, resulting in better surface interaction and fluid flow properties. Perhydra hydrophilic coatings reduce the occurrence of corrosion, increase abrasion resistance, and are designed for use in conditions where extreme temperatures and pressures exist.

How Perhydra & SCIN Work

Perhydra is an innovative surface treatment process that modifies metal surfaces by transforming a thin layer of the substrate through a proprietary chemical method engineered by Oceanit.  This process is compatible with a variety of metals and metal alloys.  The treatment leaves surfaces more attractive to water on a nano-scale while also limiting corrosion and reducing drag over a wide range of operating conditions. The surface treatment process is highly scalable with applications for metal substrates and components to length scales from less than an inch to 100s of feet and larger.

Sample Applications

  • Improved cementing of water mains and sewage pipes
  • Improved coverage of water-based paints on metal structures
  • Improved water-spreading in evaporative coolers
  • Improved bonding for steel-cement casing pipes

Perhydra Benefits

  • Creates a permanent, extremely hydrophilic surface
  • Increases the spreading of water-based coatings and slurries
  • Highly scalable process, suitable for metal substrates and components in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Excellent temperature and pressure stability
  • Reduces corrosion, abrasion, and erosion damage to treated surfaces
  • Reduces drag/friction and improves flow over treated surfaces
Bare steel is hydrophobic
Perhydra causes water spreading and hydrophilicity